Learn 3 Online Strategies Working RIGHT NOW

From a Multi-7 Figure Business Coach

10-11 CT on

November 30th


Learn 3 Business Strategies Working RIGHT NOW From a Multi-7 Figure Business Coach

10-11 am CT on November 30th

Join me for this FREE 1-hour masterclass to find out the 3 strategies working TODAY, regardless of the economy or political climate, to market your business online and level up your biz in 2024!

We get started SOON!

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Hey, I'm Jen!

I have a multi 7-figure coaching business!!!

After coaching 20,000+ clients I can tell you cut and paste marketing strategies only work for so long, until the market changes and you lose all momentum. What you learned in the last 2 years about business online is likely no longer working.

You don’t need a formula, you need current data from someone who is ACTUALLY doing it.

I test these strategies daily in my business and with my clients, and when something stops working, we pivot!

You need to know what’s working right now, and what isn’t. Don’t waste any more sleep or money on business advice from those who don’t have the data to back it up.

The first step is to join me in this 1-hour Masterclass where I teach you the 3 strategies that will work in 2024, regardless of what happens with the economy or politics!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know how to make sales, but you're struggling to scale your business the way you know is possible.

  • You're tired of working harder with nothing more to show for it.

  • The economy is impacting your business growth, and you need strategies that will work regardless of what happens in 2024.

  • You've graduated from one-size-fits-all business advice because it's no longer working for you.

  • You need to rub shoulders with a highly successful business owner who can pull back the curtain on what IS working in her business.

It wasn’t until I began teaching painting classes online and then coaching women in their businesses that everything changed for my family. 

Suddenly I could reach more people and make more sales, without increasing my hours. After years in the painting business, it was WILD the success I had when I added nothing I had seen or even imagined was possible!

I was able to bring my husband home from his day job, and we finally had the time and financial freedom we'd been looking for.

Imagine if this were possible in your business!!

  • What if you knew exactly what to avoid and where to push the gas?

  • What if you could find the freedom you see so many others experience?

  • How would it feel to know you are making a lasting impact in the lives of others through your business without having to waste time on the trial and error method?

I promise you THIS IS POSSIBLE friend!!

I’ve walked it out in my own life running a 7-figure coaching business, and helping thousands of women build the business of their dreams.

What do you have to lose by NOT joining this Masterclass?

Take a look at these...

You might be wondering...

Do I have to attend live?

While I recommend attending LIVE, it is not necessary. If you can’t attend LIVE, register and I will email you a recording of the masterclass.

How do I access the one-hour masterclass?

Once you enroll, you will receive a link in your email to join me on Zoom. I'll also send you a text with the link right before we start.

I have a product based business, is this workshop for me?

If you’d like to add a service to your product based business, then absolutely! I’ve had clients successfully teach others how to make their products or run their own product based businesses!

What if I don’t have a business yet, can I still take this workshop?

You absolutely can join me for this free Masterclass, you have nothing to lose! Keep in mind that my insight will be tailored to those who have already made some sales in their business.

Here’s the truth, you don't have time to waste getting things wrong and losing revenue when you're ready to level up in your business. In the Level Up Masterclass I take my experience working with 20,000+ clients and what is working in my own business, and distill it down to the most effective strategies you can use to change your life.

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